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What Is A Laser Comb and How Does It Promote Hair Growth

Losing your hair is a devastating thing. When we begin to see thinning spots or a hair line slowly making its way further and further, it definitely makes us stop in our tracks. The gray hair does not seem so bothersome any more. But, no hair at all? That can really make some people squirm. There are many reasons as to why we lose hair and there are just as many different techniques to promote growth and vibrant new hair. One of those techniques is the laser comb. It promotes regrowth, giving you back that head of hair that you had been missing.
Laser combs are easy to use and take a few moments out of your day each week, but having those moments eventually bring back that head of hair you had previously lost, a few moments with the laser com can really help. With this type of technology, soon you will be able to take charge of your losing hair line and feel like you again.

Why We Lose Our Hair

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There are many different reasons as to why we lose our hair, and each one is just as tough to swallow as another. It is devastating to see clumps larger than usual in the shower, you brush or in your hands when you go to style. From medications, illness, smoking, stress and nutrition as major culprits, hereditary is the leading cause of hair loss. Male pattern baldness affects men by age 35 at an astonishing 70% while 85% will be affected by age 50.
Our hair is the second largest growing tissue in the body, and 90% of your hair is living at all times. Your hair is made up of a protein called keratin. The keratin strand is gown out of a follicle, which is the same all over your body, not just on top of your head. By using a laser comb you can re-invigorate the hair and help grow it back. Your hair goes through 3 stages of life; Anagen, Catagen and Telegen. When your hair is in the Anagen stage it is growing and full of life and can last for a few years. It is then followed up with the Catagen stage, where the hair is taking a rest, dormant almost. This period of time is about 2 weeks. From there you have the Telegen stage. This is the stage where you lose strands of hair that are ready to come out; resulting in the common 100 strands a day loss. But, those who experience baldness, their follicles are always stuck in the Telegen stage, by using the laser comb you can help get your hair growth back on track.

Why The Laser Comb Works

Your scalp houses the follicles that keep the strands. Blood flow circulates around your scalp and promotes growth. When your scalp is manipulated, it increases blood flow, which stops baldness in its tracks and promotes new growth to take over and give back your full head of hair. The laser comb technology was first discovered in the 1980’s and was FDA approved in the early 90’s. The laser comb technology has come a long way in the 2 decades it has been around. Laser Comb Devices are now smaller, stronger and easy to use -giving you a fighting chance to stop baldness from taking over your life in a negative way.
What it is exactly is a laser comb? A laser comb is applied to the scalp two to three times a week, depending on the devices instructions, and stimulates the scalp. This increases blood flow and promotes growth of new hair. Using the laser comb only takes minutes a day, a perfect time to kick up your heels and relax, while giving yourself a laser therapy treatment. It can easily be done in your home and no need for any kind of certification.

Laser Comb Side Effects

In the years that the laser comb has been around, there have been no reports of any negative side effects. The laser comb does not only give you hope for a new head of hair, but you also know you are safely achieving this goal. Whatever the reason for your hair loss may be, you now have a chance to turn back the hands of time and change that process of hereditary and give yourself the boost you need. With a new head of hair, you are a whole new you and will love the way it feels.

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