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    At Images Hair Clinic we can achieve undetectable natural looking results.
  • - Established in 1975 -
  • That’s a fact
    FOR $39.95 PER WEEK
    with no upfront costs Images can help you take control of hair loss.

Who we are

Images was established 42 years ago and is owned and operated by a Team of people have been personally effected by hairloss and have over 60 years experience in the Industry.

What we do

We provide proven affordable solutions to improve hair health, revive weak hair that is falling out and replace hair which cannot be revived. We also do haircuts and coloring.

Why choose us

We offer an honest up front evaluation of your situation. We have over 60 years experience and Knowledge in the Industry we know our programs work.Images is an accredited provider through ACC and the ministry of health.

Images Hair Clinic

“Tell me I have come to the right place”.

“ Yes” , “ you have come to the right place”.

We are a different sort of company with a different approach to Hair Health and hairloss, different because we have been there and know there are safe, effective solutions which are affordable to everyday folks. At Images we are committed to a one on one relationship with every client.

The facts around hair loss are that 60% of men will experience hair loss over there life time, 25% before they reach the age of 30 and 40% of women will suffer poor hair health and hair loss by age 60.

Hair loss is a fact of life just as teeth maintenance, weight control or poor eyesight present challenges for a high proportion of people during their life time.

For $39.95 per week with no upfront costs Images can help you Take control of poor hair health and hair loss.

“Look good , feel good” that’s a fact.


Huri worked as a qualified hair dresser and started losing his hair at a young age , he absolutely loved cutting, styling , perming and colouring his clients hair, which is why he became a hairdresser.

The fact that his hair started thinning at a very young age concerned him. After many years of having a comb over, he was ready for change. He talked to a friend who recommended he give Images Hair clinics a call. Images offered a free consultation so he booked an appointment and talked with Jeff, Images business owner. Jeff recommended the Images replace programme to achieve the goal of having a natural head of hair.

He went back to his friends and work mates at sharzleys hair salon and discussed the Images Replace programme with them. They were all so excited and supportive; he became excited and made the decision to contact Images Hair Clinics and work out an affordable payment plan. He decided to forgo his Australia holiday to complete his look, being a snappy dresser, he felt this was a good choice. After all a great head of hair and a nice hair style completes any look

Wow… the result was fantastic he absolutely loved his hair, the finishing touch, his confidence was sky high, his friends, and work mates were just so impressed with the end result. So cool. The end results were amazing and being a hairdresser, the feedback from his clients was so positive.